Hey, I'm Rob - frontman of the mood-boosting pop/rock band Chasing Deer!

From the buzzing streets of London, I create music that will make you feel alive, right here and right now.

My new album, 💎 Diamonds In The Rafters 💎 focuses on seizing the day, living in the present, and embracing all the wild and wonderful experiences life has to offer.

Critically acclaimed and award-winning Chasing Deer band performances are always packed with energy, style, and pure fun. I channel the likes of Sir Elton John, Coldplay, and Brandon Flowers into a contemporary mix of pop nostalgia with an indie/rock attitude.

I've been passionate about the performative power of music since I was very young, singing my heart out to audiences since the age of six years old! I dedicated to performing music full-time in 2016, moving to London and travelling the world.

With over 2,000 shows now under my belt, I've performed everywhere from my sold-out album launch show at Bush Hall to The NME Awards, as well as legendary venues like The Royal Albert Hall and the Houses Of Parliament. I also had the incredible opportunity to sing in Swahili for President Uhuru Kenyatta in Kenya.

Join me on social media where I'll be telling all those stories! I can't wait to see you there.

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